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Bullatoro Bellazena (Zena)
Bullatoro Bellazena (Zena) aged six weeks, snoozing
Memphis (left)and Uno, aged 11 and a half weeks old. Whelped 05.08.13
Young Memphis, the boy that we have kept from our recent litter whelped 05.08.13. Aged 5 weeks
Bullatoro Belladonna (LouLou)
Bullatoro Belladonna (Loulou) - "Photo By supashots.com"

Bullatoro pup Snowy - aged 19 months and looking very much like her mother - Zena
Bullatoro Kowhai (Coco)
Bullatoro Kaia (Kaia) - aged 11 months
The Moogster with Bullatoro Isabella (Kadie)
Bullatoro Isabella (Kadie)
Bullatoro Duchess
Bullatoro Montgomery and Bullatoro Bellazena - 12 months old
Bullatoro Montgomery (Monty)
Bullatoro Montgomery (Monty) - 14 Months old
Bullatoro Montgomery (Monty) aged seven weeks
Bullatoro Montgomery (Monty) and Bullatoro Bellazena (Zena) - aged seven weeks
Bullatoro Rocco Vicino Mare (Harry) surrounded by littermates
Bullatoro Rocco Vicino Mare (Harry) - 13 months
Bullatoro Rocco Vicino Mare (Harry)
Bullatoro puppy
Bullatoro Montgomery aged six weeks
Bullatoro puppy at four weeks
Bullatoro puppies at six weeks
Bullatoro puppies at six weeks
Bullatoro puppies discovering the joys of washing on the line!
Kadie with her new dad, Jules
Kadie with her new Mum, Lesa
Kadie (Bullatoro Isabella)
Bullatoro Dante Alessandro (Nikau)
Brook having a snooze - it is a hard life being a puppy!
St John having a walk on the beach - approximately 1 year old
The baby of our last litter, we called him Goliath and he was later named Cesar by his new family
Nikau aged 14 months
Snowy having a snooze


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