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Welcome to my Photo Album.
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One of the last photos taken of our beloved Moogs - sadly passed away on 11.11.12
Kugel Ciaobella Carlotta (Lottie) - sadly left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge 17.04.14. What a beautiful legacy she has left
Loulou - a beautiful girl with the sweetest smile
Loulou and Khan - best buddies
Bullatoro Belladonna (Loulou) - sadly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 23.05.14
Lottie, Zena and Moogie enjoying the shade, Dec 09
Moogie's pilot photo
Moogie sleeping
The Moogster
Moogie posing
Bullatoro Kowhai (Coco) helping herself to a drink!
Sarah saying goodbye to one of her babies (Hoochy) who was leaving for her forever home.
Zena, Loulou and Khan (handled by Paula) at a show 28.02.10
Khan (with Ross), Zena (with Shawn), Monty (with Sarah) and Loulou (with Daniel) - show 28.02.10
Bullatoro Montgomery enjoying a scratch from Shawn - 28.02.10
Sarah and Hoochy spending some special time together before the baby left for her new home. A favourite photo
Bullatoro Rocco Vicino Mare (Harry) with Catherine
Dave with Khan (Bullestate), Paula with Loulou (Bullatoro)
Ross and Daniel with Monty
Sarah and Zena
Sarah and Shawn with Zena
Dave with Khan, Sarah with Zena, Paula with Loulou, Daniel with Monty, Bill with Harry - 21 March 2010
Paula having a quick cuddle with Monty
The Moogster
Bullatoro Montgomery with Daniel (owner) - April 2010
Bullatoro Montgomery with Daniel - April 2010
Bullmastiff congregation!
Monty having cuddles with Sarah (breeder)
Monty and Sarah
Monty saying "hi" to Sarah
Sarah Bradford (breeder) with Bullatoro Montgomery (Monty)- April 2010
Sarah and Catherine with Harry at a rather cold puppy day out
Harry on his second birthday
Harry - aged two
Kaydie settling into her new home
Moogs, Zena and Kaydie enjoying some loving pats
Coco and her new brother
Kaydie (Bullatoro Isabella)


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